Privacy Policy

Data Controller

This privacy policy covers how OnCybersec ( processes the personal information collected on this site.

Personal Information Processed and Why it is Processed

Personal information is defined as any information that may identify a person. Personal information processed by this site relates to anonymous site usage information. Site usage information is collected and processed for understanding trends relating to the usage of For instance, site usage information such as the most viewed posts will be used to help improve the site by informing the future content posted to this site.

Logs may also be collected each time you interact with and include the following data: IP address, date and time that you interacted with the site, visited page, referring page and the type of operating system or web browser that you used to access the site. Logs are used for auditing security-related events and troubleshooting errors. No attempt is made to link the logs to the visitors of this site to identify them.

Disclosure of Information

Google Analytics (configured in a privacy-friendly way) is used to provide analytics on site usage without cookies. This includes the anonymisation of your IP address and the disabling of data sharing with third parties. The Google Analytics privacy policy is available at

Contact Information

Questions related to the processing of personal information can be sent to