26 February 2023

OnCyberSec Migration to GitHub Pages

I have been busy working on migrating oncybersec.com from WordPress to GitHub Pages, which was recently completed. The increased security and ease of maintenance made this a good move. This involved the following phases: building the site using Jekyll, importing WordPress posts into Jekyll and hosting the site on GitHub Pages.

Jekyll was used to build a static site. It supports themes with the option to customise it via the front end. It also supports plugins for extending the functionality of a site. No database is used which provides a higher level of security since a Jekyll site is not prone to database threats.

An official Jekyll importer is available for importing WordPress posts into Jekyll. I found it to work well as the imported posts only needed minor changes.

GitHub Pages supports Jekyll, which simplified the process of hosting this site. Hosting a site is free and it also comes with a github.io domain. GitHub Pages provides the option to configure a site using a custom domain. Overall, the migration went smoothly and I found GitHub Pages to be a good alternative to WordPress.

tags: github pages jekyll wordpress